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April 25, 2011


Woah! Back that thing up. It has been waaaaay too long since someone has posted anything on here. And David talking about carving pumpkins and his secret freckle?! Does that even count?!

Well let's talk about me for a second and the things I love. I love everything about my family. I love that they are so stinking cool. What did I do to get so lucky!???????

My sisters are probably my favorite part of my family. I mean, I know...I sounds so bad to pick a favorite, and really, how is it possible in such an awesome family? But with all that put aside, my sisters are the reason for breathing. They are my inspiration. My existence. I would clean their rooms for them every day if they let me, but they are so cool that I don't even need to...they just let me soak in their coolness without any bribery....

I could go on forever about their coolness, but I better just go give them a great big hug.

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